SPEAK YORUBA IN 24 HOURS: An Ideal Teach-Yourself Book for those Learning Yoruba as a 2nd Language: 1 (Learning Yoruba as a Second Language) Paperback – 5 Oct. 2004


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This Yoruba grammar book is for the use of beginners who want to learn Yoruba and those who want to speak it as a second language (L2). Target Users are:
■ Those who marry Yoruba spouses
■ Yoruba children born abroad
■ Yorubas in diaspora
■ Secondary school children (Nigeria, West Africa, and Brazil) learning Yoruba as a second language.
■ Non-Yoruba university students learning Yoruba as a second language.
■ Those who have an interest in speaking the language.

It is written in a Teach-Yourself format. It is highly interactive. A reader studies a lesson and tests himself through a series of 
“Brainwork” provided in this book. Because it is a book meant for beginners, some basic grammatical rules and orthography are adjusted to make learning easier for users.
This book is to be viewed as an introductory to learning Yoruba.