Yorland Art Consultation

Yorland Republic provides skilled art curation for luxury properties as worldwide art advisers for home interiors

What we do

We are enthusiastic about what we do. We use a three-dimensional service model that includes significant interventions in

Business support

We take pride in being a full-service business support provider, with activities including publishing, public relations, and brand representation in the arts industry.


Our publishing services creates deep and lasting bonds with our authors by leveraging unparalleled expertise. We write, edit, format and publish books, magazines and other related items

Public relations

We offer a revolutionary method for boosting your brand and building trust with your audience. Our guaranteed news stories are immediately published on some of the world’s most popular news websites.

Brand representation

We collaborate with our clients to create meaningful, memorable, and iconic brands.

Events and skill aquisition

We have successfully organised a series of arts events and skill acquisition trainings through our subsidiary brands, harmattan festival and Yorland reach, since our inception.

Skill acquisition

We provide training in painting, digital drawing, animation, music production, film and video editing, hair styling, makeup, and fashion design.


We organise festivals that include African dance, music, and food, as well as body painting and fashion. Our cultural events are dedicated to the advancement of Pan-Africanism ideals and the development of the African continent.

Talent development & Management

We include all activities and initiatives that promote learning and development. We design programmes that are tailored to your needs, goals, and interests as an organisation or as individual.

Talent development

We capitalise on our clients' strengths and abilities, assisting them in becoming stronger and growing within their industry.

Talent Management

We cater to people-specific trends, just like all other aspects of work, and have changed quickly in recent years. To keep up with global trends, we devise strategic talent management.