Digital Art Frame

Decorate your home with The Frame, which is as attractive as a picture.

Its frame-like design allows you to personalise your TV

by showcasing your own unique digital artworks,

exclusive to only you and instantly transforming your house into a gallery.

Solution Expert

Yorland Republic provides solutions to various needs in the  arts & culture industry, making us an important part of the industry. We have everything you need to ensure success from getting world recognition and endorsements in the arts and culture industry to  building a healthy workplace culture. from art programmes to listening sessions and workshops. 
We create and deliver bespoke events to unleash creativity in organisations and  thereby improving all aspects of the business.

We are the go to experts for your art curation and installation

Culture Guardians

We promote and preserve arts and culture through several art projects we put out.  Our bespoke cultural events, festivals, music & film projects are geared towards keeping the culture alive.

Art & Culture School

We deliver top notch educational experiences in the arts and culture through our non profit organization, yoruba worldwide foundation.
We have also created a safe and welcoming learning environment on and off social media for art and culture enthusiast.
We've grown steadily on tiktok since we started. thanks to the generosity of an incredible community!